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Introduction to Amanda Eller: There was a story about Amanda Eller that touched many people’s hearts. It’s what this article is about. Amanda, a registered nurse and yoga teacher who is 35 years old, was last seen on a hike in May 2019 in Maui, Hawaii’s Makawao Forest Reserve. Her ordeal, survival, and ultimate rescue are nothing short of miraculous. They show how strong the human spirit can be when things look hopeless.

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Date Of Birth, Age, Birth Place, Hometown

Amanda Eller’s story is one of strength and survival. She was born on November 4, 1983, in Mechanicsville, Maryland. She now lives in Hawaii because she wants to follow her dreams of becoming a physical therapist and doing yoga.

Basic Information

Real NameAmanda Eller
Nick NameIzzy 
Date Of BirthNovember 4, 1983
Age35 years old
Birth PlaceMechanicsville, Maryland
HometownMaui, Hawaii
Zodiac SignScorpio
ProfessionPhysical Therapist, Yoga Instructor
Famous AsSurvivor

Who is Amanda Eller

Amanda Eller is a symbol of hope and strength. She is famous for both her work as a physical therapist and yoga teacher and her amazing story of how she overcame a terrible illness. The things that happened to her in the Makawao Forest Reserve show how strong she is.

Early Life and Background Of Amanda Eller

Amanda has always been excited about life and wants to help others. She grew up in Mechanicsville, Maryland. Her trip from Maryland to Hawaii shows how bold she is and how much she loves her job as a physical therapist and yoga teacher.

Education background of Amanda Eller

In both school and work, Amanda has shown a strong dedication to her field. She has a Ph.D. in physical therapy and a certification in teaching yoga. She uses both of these skills to improve the health of her students.

Educational Background

School NameUniversity of Maryland College Park
College NameUniversity of Maryland East Shore
QualificationDoctorate in Physical Therapy, Yoga Instructor Certification

Career and Professional Life Of Amanda Eller

Amanda’s job shows how much she cares about health and fitness. Since she moved from Maryland to Hawaii, she has been dedicated to teaching yoga and offering excellent physical therapy, which has had a huge effect on her community in Maui.

Amanda Eller (Image Source: theguardian)

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Personal Life of Amanda Eller

Amanda’s personal life is full of love, excitement, and close family and friends who are always there for her. It’s a rich tapestry that holds her up through hard times and happy times.

Personal Life

Marital StatusUnmarried

 10 Facts About Amanda Eller’s Survival Story

  1. Early Life and Passion: Amanda Eller was born in Mechanicsville, Maryland, on November 4, 1983. She later went to Maui, Hawaii, to become a physical therapist and yoga teacher.
  2. Amanda went hiking in the Makawao Forest Reserve on Maui on May 8, 2019, and wasn’t seen again until her car was found in the parking lot the next day with her things inside.
  3. Help from the Community: Hundreds of helpers, police, and the use of drones and helicopters all helped look for Amanda.
  4. Survival Skills: Amanda ate wild fruits, drank water from the creek, and used her knowledge of yoga and meditation to keep her mind strong while she lived for 17 days in the forest, even though she was hurt.
  5. Amanda was found 17 days after she went missing, on May 24, 2019, in a deep ditch near a creek bed. She was flown to safety and taken to the hospital, where she was stable even though she had a broken leg and wasn’t getting enough food.
  6. Injuries: Amanda broke her leg, tore the meniscus in her knee, got a bad sunburn, and got scrapes all over her body during her ordeal.
  7. Ingenuity: Amanda lost her shoes in a flash flood, but she kept moving as much as she could, even if it meant crawling.
  8. Determination: Amanda made the choice to stay alive because she had a strong will to do so. She also followed her gut to keep going even though things were hard.
  9. Community Support: To help with the search, a GoFundMe page was set up. The money raised paid for helicopters, drones, and expert hikers to look for Amanda.
  10. Spiritual Journey: Amanda called what she went through a spiritual journey. She had to choose between life and death, depending on her inner strength and the hope that she would be found. 


Amanda Eller’s story illustrates the strength of the human spirit, the value of community, and the inner power that can be used in tough situations. Her ability to stay alive in the rough Makawao Forest Reserve for 17 days, against all chances, shows not only how strong she is physically and mentally, but also how important hope and determination are in getting through tough situations that seem impossible to overcome.

Amanda’s ordeal and miraculous escape show us how important life is, how powerful it is when a community comes together to help one of its own, and how strong people can be when they are in dangerous situations. Her story continues to move people and teach them important lessons about life, strength, and the unbreakable will to live.

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