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Introduction to Amanda Renner: In this piece, we’ll talk about Amanda Renner, a name that makes you think of strength, talent, and passion. Amanda has made a name for herself in the world of broadcast news by telling interesting stories and covering sports in a fun way. The goal of this piece is to look into her life, including her early years, her schooling, and the steps she took to become a great sports reporter. 

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Date Of Birth, Age, Birth Place, Hometown

We look at Amanda Renner’s childhood and show how her story started. It was June 20, 1985, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that Amanda Jacqueline Balionis was born. It was when she was young that she went to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which set the stage for her future jobs.

Basic Information

Real NameAmanda Jacqueline Balionis
Nick NameAmanda Balionis-Renner
Date Of BirthJune 20, 1985
Birth PlacePittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.
HometownLancaster, Pennsylvania, U.S.
ProfessionSports Journalist
Famous AsCBS Sports Golf Reporter

Who is Amanda Renner?

Amanda Renner, who used to go by the name Amanda Balionis, is a well-known sports reporter who currently shines at CBS Sports. Her over-ten-year work shows how dedicated she is to the job of journalism, especially when it comes to golf reporting. Renner’s insightful reporting and charming screen personality have made her a well-liked figure in and outside of golf.

Early Life and Background Of Amanda Renner

In this part, we’ll talk about Amanda’s formative years, including when her family moved to Lancaster and when she first started playing sports. We’ll focus on her passion and the early signs that she could have a successful career as a sports reporter.

Education background of Amanda Renner

Amanda’s path through school shows how dedicated she was to her work from a young age. Before transferring to Hofstra University, she started playing volleyball at Kutztown University. There, she not only pursued her athletic hobbies but also improved her writing skills, building a strong foundation for her future.

Educational Background

School NameManheim Township High School
College NameKutztown University (2 years of volleyball), Hofstra University
QualificationBA in Broadcast Journalism

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Career and Professional Life Of Amanda Renner

From Amanda’s early days covering high school sports to her current important job at CBS Sports, we would show her work path. She has grown, learned, and become more influential in the field of sports writing at every step of her journey. 

Personal Life of Amanda Renner

Her personal life, which includes her marriage to Bryn Renner and her work with Puppies and Golf to help animals in need, shows how multifaceted Amanda is and how much she wants to make a change in the world, both on and off the screen. 

Amanda Renner (Image Source: sportsbrief)

Personal Life Details

Marital StatusMarried
HusbandBryn Renner

10 Interesting Facts About Amanda Renner:

  1. Volleyball Fanatic: Amanda played volleyball for two years at Kutztown University before she became famous as a journalist. This showed off her sports skills early on.
  2. Early job Start: She started out by writing about high school sports, which set the stage for her future job as a sports reporter.
  3. The PGA Tour hired Amanda as an in-house reporter in 2011. This is where she learned how to cover big golf tournaments.
  4. Moving to CBS Sports in 2017 was a big step forward in her work because it let her cover not only golf games but also college football and NFL games.
  5. Amanda is dedicated to giving back to the community. She runs a non-profit organization called Puppies and Golf, whose main goal is to match soldiers with dogs.
  6. Accident and Recovery: Amanda was in a major accident in 2016. She showed a lot of strength as she recovered and went back to work stronger.
  7. Social Media Influence: Amanda has a big online presence. She has over 217,000 followers on Instagram and 66,000 followers on Twitter. She interacts with her fans and shares moments from her personal and work lives.
  8. Background in school: She graduated from Hofstra University in August 2008 with a BA in Broadcast Journalism.
  9. Personal Milestone: In March 2022, Amanda married former NFL quarterback Bryn Renner. Their wedding was so beautiful that it drew people from all over the world.
  10. A Respected Voice in Golf: Amanda is known for more than just her reporting. She is also known for her deep understanding of golf and her insightful analysis.


The fact that Amanda Renner went from being a young volleyball player to a top sports reporter at CBS Sports shows how hard she works and how talented she is. She is an important person in sports journalism because she can connect with viewers, knows a lot about golf, and is dedicated to helping others. Amanda’s story isn’t just about what she did in front of the camera; it’s also about what she did off-screen, like how she helped veterans through her non-profit and how she overcame personal problems. Amanda Renner is still a great example for aspiring journalists because she covers big events and shares her thoughts. She shows that passion, hard work, and a desire to make a difference can lead to a great career. 

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