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We’re going to talk in depth about Andrew O’Connor KC’s life and work today. As a leader in both public law and common law litigation, his journey shows how complicated legal battles can be and how important it is to have an expert defend you in sensitive inquiries and inquests. Let’s look at what makes Andrew O’Connor KC a well-known person in the field, from his high-profile cases to his role as a symbol of trust and authority in the legal community. 

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Date of Birth, Age, Birth Place, and Hometown

Real NameAndrew O’Connor KC
Famous AsLeading legal expert in public law and inquests

Who is Andrew O’Connor KC?

Barrister Andrew O’Connor, KC, is highly respected and known for his vast experience in both public law and general common law litigation. He has been a part of some of the most important inquests and probes in recent years, such as the Litvinenko Inquiry and the inquests into the 7/7 bombings. What makes him unique is that he can serve both businesses and the government with equal skill, providing both insightful analysis and authoritative representation. 

The Career of Andrew O’Connor KC

Andrew O’Connor, KC, has made a name for himself in the legal world over the course of more than twenty years. His work includes a lot of different high-profile investigations and inquests, which shows how versatile and knowledgeable he is. His work on the Manchester Arena Inquiry and the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse are two examples of how professionally and skillfully he can handle difficult and sensitive topics. 

Education Background of Andrew O’Connor KC

Andrew’s strong academic background set the stage for his successful job. With a strong background in law from well-known schools, he has not only mastered the theoretical parts of the field but also honed the skills needed in court. 

School NameKing’s School, Rochester
College NameSt Catharine’s College, Cambridge
QualificationMA (1994)

Featured Inquests & Inquiries Cases

Andrew O’Connor KC’s work on high-profile cases like the Molly Russell Inquest and the Manchester Arena Inquiry shows how dedicated he is to solving important problems in society. These cases, along with others, show how good he is at navigating the complicated legal system and how determined he is to seek justice and responsibility. 

Current Practicing Status

Andrew O’Connor KC is still at the top of his game and is playing key roles in ongoing investigations like the Dawn Sturgess Inquiry and the UK COVID-19 Inquiry. His ability to handle lawsuits and the fact that he has offices in both London and The Hague show how far-reaching his legal knowledge is and how much people want it. 

Languages and Lawyer Rankings

Andrew O’Connor, KC, is a well-known lawyer in the legal community. He is fluent in French and is listed as a Band 1 solicitor for inquests and inquiries in top legal listings like Chambers UK and Legal 500. 

10 Interesting Facts About Andrew O’Connor KC

  1. In October 1996, Andrew received his bar admission. This was the start of a successful career as a lawyer.
  2. He is good with languages and speaks French very well, which helps him with his foreign cases.
  3. The top legal directories list Andrew as an expert in his area, which shows how knowledgeable he is.
  4. His work to help with the fallout of the attack at the Manchester Arena shows how much he cares about public safety and justice.
  5. Andrew has worked as a lawyer for both private and public clients during inquests and inquiries, showing how versatile he is.
  6. His work on the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse shows how much he cares about problems in society.
  7. Andrew has worked with well-known companies, such as government agencies and social media giants.
  8. He doesn’t just work in the UK; he also has a position in The Hague and works with people all over the world.
  9. Through his education at Cambridge, he has built a strong basis for his legal knowledge.
  10. People can make a difference through the law, as shown by Andrew’s work, which has affected public policy, corporate responsibility, and individual rights.


Andrew O’Connor, KC, is a great example of a lawyer who is on the cutting edge of the law in today’s complicated world. His contributions to public law and the amount of experience he has gained in high-profile cases have not only shaped his work but also changed the law as a whole. When we think about how his work has changed things, it’s clear that Andrew O’Connor, KC, will continue to be an important person in handling the difficulties and confusing parts of the legal system for many years to come. 

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