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That’s all there is to know about Ash Armand, who is also known as Akshaya Kubiak. He used to be on reality TV and is best known for his part in the Showtime show “Gigolos.” Ash has been in the news a lot of different times over the years, both for his work and for his personal life. We will talk about Ash Armand’s background, career, and the terrible events that led to him being in the position he is in now. 

Ash Armand Wikipedia (Image Source: imdb)

Date of Birth, Age, Birth Place, and Hometown

Ash Armand, whose real name is Akshaya Anthony-Dixit Kubiak, comes from a lot of different cultures and places, which makes her background very interesting. His parents were traveling teachers, which had a big impact on how he was raised and how he sees the world.

Real NameAkshaya Anthony-Dixit Kubiak
Nick NameAsh Armand
Date of BirthFebruary 5, 1984
Age40 years (as of 2024)
Birth PlaceMumbai, India
ProfessionReality TV Star, Escort
Famous AsStar of Showtime’s Gigolos

Who is Ash Armand?

She was born Akshaya Anthony-Dixit Kubiak and became famous as a star on the Showtime reality show “Gigolos.” He became known as a paid escort and fitness expert on social media. Armand had a lot of followers online because of his spiritual beliefs and engaging personality. Even though he had a public image, his life changed dramatically when he was arrested and found guilty of killing Herleen Dulai. 

Ash Armand Wikipedia (Image Source: distractify)

The Career of Ash Armand

Getting cast in “Gigolos” on Showtime was a big break for Ash Armand’s career. In his part on the show, he talked about his life as a professional escort with a mix of confidence and emotional intelligence. Armand’s job in show business seemed to slow down after the show, so he spent more time working on his spiritual and personal growth.

 Net Worth and Salary

Ash Armand’s net worth and earnings have varied throughout his career, especially with the significant changes in his personal life and legal troubles.

Net Worth$1 million

Past Life History of Ash Armand

Before his rise to fame, Ash Armand’s life was marked by various experiences and challenges. Raised by nomadic parents who introduced him to a diverse intellectual and cultural environment, Armand faced physical punishment from his godfather and others, an experience that impacted his later life.

10 Interesting Facts About Ash Armand

  1. According to Showtime, Ash Armand was on the reality show “Gigolos.”
  2. The real name of this person is Akshaya Anthony-Dixit Kubiak.
  3. He grew up with parents who moved around and taught.
  4. Armand has worked as a paid escort before.
  5. He worked in the exercise business and wrote about his experiences on social media.
  6. Sheleen Dulai’s murder was charged against him in 2020.
  7. He admitted to killing someone on purpose and causing damage.
  8. The Southern Desert Correctional Center in Nevada is where Armand is spending his time right now.
  9. His case and life were shown on the TV show “Deadly Influence: Social Media Murders.”
  10. A lot of people follow him because he is charismatic and pious.


From being on reality TV to where he is now, Ash Armand’s life has been full of ups and downs. Known for his part on “Gigolos,” his life changed drastically when he was found guilty of killing Herleen Dulai. His story is both interesting and scary at the same time, showing how complicated and unpredictable life can be. 

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