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Introduction to Emma Culligan: Emma Culligan is what we’re going to talk about today. Known for her important work in history and her captivating performance on “The Curse of Oak Island,” Emma has won our hearts. Because she is good at both archaeology and metalworking and has a great attitude, she is a well-known figure in her field. Come with us as we look into the life and work of this amazing person, talking about her past, her accomplishments, and the unique set of skills she brings to the table.

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Date of Birth, Age, Birth Place, and Hometown

Emma Culligan is a name that sounds like someone who is innovative and knowledgeable in the field of archaeology, but some parts of her personal life are still unknown. Emma was born in the 1990s and is from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. She is full of the spirit of discovery and adventure. 

Personal Information

Real NameEmma Culligan
Date of Birth1990s
AgeAbout 32 years old
Birth PlaceKingsford, Michigan, USA
HometownBridgewater, Nova Scotia
ProfessionArchaeologist, Metallurgist
Famous AsTV Personality

Who is Emma Culligan?

Emma Culligan is a Canadian archaeologist and metallurgist who gained widespread recognition through her appearance on Season 10 of “The Curse of Oak Island.” Her contributions to the show, along with her academic and professional achievements, have made her a beloved figure among fans and professionals alike. Emma’s dedication to her field, combined with her engaging on-screen presence, has sparked a curiosity among many to learn more about her life and work.

The Career and Professional Life of Emma Culligan

Emma Culligan’s work shows how much she loves both history and engineering. Emma started her path at Dalhousie University and later moved on to Memorial University of Newfoundland. She has not only worked hard in school, but she has also used what she has learned in the field. Her job as a research assistant at Memorial University and for companies like Frontier Subsea Inc. shows how much she wants to help us learn more about historical artifacts and keep them safe.

Education background of Emma Culligan

Emma’s path through school is just as interesting as her path through work. While she was studying to be an engineer, her interest in the past led her to explore archaeology, which became her true calling. 

Educational Background

College NameDalhousie University, Memorial University of Newfoundland
QualificationBachelor’s in Civil Engineering and Archaeology

Career and Professional Life of Emma Culligan

We talk about Emma’s work and all the different roles she played, from being a guest relations rep at a Calgary zoo to making important contributions in the engineering and archaeological fields. Her work shows that she is both very good at science and really cares about cultural history. This makes her a great asset in her field.

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The Personal Life of Emma Culligan

Many people are still interested in Emma’s personal life, especially her relationship status. Emma has decided to keep this part of her life private, even though a lot of people are interested in it. Instead, she focuses on her work and contributions to archaeology and metallurgy.

Personal Life Information

Marital StatusSingle
Emma Culligan (Image Source: looper)

Emma Culligan Oak Island

On the History Channel’s “The Curse of Oak Island,” Emma Culligan has become very well known for her role as Oak Island. She knows a lot about building, metalworking, and digging up the past. She quickly proved her worth by helping the Lagina brothers figure out how old some metal they found was when she joined the team in Seasons 10 and 11. She uses her skills to look at and talk about the old things they find on Oak Island, which helps them figure out what the secret treasures are.

Emma is from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada, and is about 32 years old. In 2010, she started studying engineering at Dalhousie University. Later, she transferred to Memorial University of Newfoundland to get a degree in civil engineering. She also took some time to study archaeology because she loves it. During college, she joined a lot of groups that had to do with her studies and even did some cool projects while looking at old metals.

She became a bit of a TV star when she joined “The Curse of Oak Island” in Season 10. She can show off how much she knows about old things and metals on the show, which really helps people understand all the cool finds. People really like her, and not just because she’s smart. They also like her because she brings something new to the show.

Emma isn’t married, as far as anyone knows. Even if she is seeing someone, she doesn’t talk about it on the internet. Her work in history and metals, as well as her time on the show, show how dedicated she is to her field. She makes a big difference in it.

10 Interesting Facts About Emma Culligan:

  1. Emma speaks Japanese very well, which shows that she really values different countries.
  2. Her educational background is a unique mix of engineering and archaeology.
  3. Emma’s job at Frontier Subsea Inc. shows how dedicated she is to using her skills in tough situations.
  4. Emma has kept her personal life, especially her relationship status, secret, even though she is well-known.
  5. She is well-liked by “The Curse of Oak Island” fans because of her part in the show.
  6. Emma’s personal hobbies and family life can be seen on her social media accounts, especially on Instagram.
  7. Her continued work as a research assistant, focusing on metallographic studies, shows how much she cares about her area.
  8. Emma’s services to archaeology go beyond her TV appearances. She is also a member of a number of professional organizations.
  9. She is one of the youngest people on “The Curse of Oak Island,” which gives the show new ideas.
  10. Emma loves finding out about the past, which makes her a great role model for people who want to become historians or metallurgists.


Many people are inspired by Emma Culligan’s life story, from being an enthusiastic student to a famous archaeologist and metalworker. Her work on “The Curse of Oak Island” and in digging has not only helped us understand history better, but it has also shown us how important it is to keep it alive. Emma’s work shows how powerful curiosity and hard work can be as she continues to look into and solve the secrets of the past. 

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