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Today, we are going to talk about Gaurav Mangla, an IPS officer. Gaurav Mangla is a well-known officer in the Indian Police Service (IPS). He is famous for introducing new methods in police work and working hard to ensure the safety of Indians. He has made significant contributions to law enforcement, especially in Bihar, where he has held several key positions.

Date of Birth, Age, Birth Place, and Hometown

Details about Gaurav Mangla’s birth date, age, and birthplace are not publicly known at this time. However, he is an Indian national who has become a prominent figure in the IPS.

Real NameGaurav Mangla
Nick NameGaurav
ProfessionIPS Officer
Famous AsSuperintendent of Police, Bihar

Who is Gaurav Mangla IPS?

As an IPS officer, Gaurav Mangla is known for making important contributions to law enforcement and public safety, especially through his leadership in a number of high-profile jobs. He has done a lot to make the places he has worked safer for everyone by putting in place effective police tactics.

The Career of Gaurav Mangla IPS

Dr. Gaurav Mangla’s career in the IPS is marked by a number of important jobs and accomplishments. People have called him Superintendent of Police in several Bihar towns, such as Saran and Vaishali. His guidance is characterized by new, community-focused, and goal-oriented ways of doing police work. 

Past Life History of Gaurav Mangla

Dr. Mangla’s past experiences have been instrumental in shaping his career and approach to law enforcement.

Gaurav Mangla IPS: Marriage

In the Indian Police Service, Dr. Gaurav Mangla, IPS, is a respected officer who is known for his commitment to public safety and creative ways of policing. But information about his personal life, like whether or not he is married, is kept secret. Dr. Mangla keeps his personal life private, and exact details about his marriage or spouse are not available to the public. ​


Who is Gaurav Mangla IPS?

Gaurav Mangla is an IPS officer known for his service in Bihar, particularly as the Superintendent of Police in Saran.

What are the achievements of Gaurav Mangla IPS?

Dr. Mangla has been recognized for his effective policing strategies and leadership.

Where is Gaurav Mangla currently posted?

Dr. Mangla was recently reassigned from Saran; his current posting details are awaited.

What is the educational background of Gaurav Mangla?

He has attended reputed institutions and holds qualifications that prepared him for a career in the IPS.

10 Interesting Facts About Gaurav Mangla IPS

  1. As part of a group, he joined the Indian Police Service.
  2. Known for finding new ways to enforce the rules.
  3. manages to keep his personal and work lives in balance.
  4. His way of leading is based on the community and getting things done.
  5. Has made important contributions to a lot of important projects and efforts.
  6. Doesn’t let anyone see his private life.
  7. As an IPS officer, he is tough and dedicated to his job.
  8. Keeps inspiring people who want to become police officers.
  9. Know for his successful ways of putting policies into action.
  10. Keeps making big steps forward in public safety and law enforcement. 


Dr. Gaurav Mangla, IPS, is a well-known police officer in India. His career has been marked by hard work, success, and a loyalty to public service. His new ideas and successful ways of enforcing the law have set a standard for other officers to follow, which has made a real difference in public safety and community involvement.

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