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Today, in this article, we are going to share about Aziz Alasmar, a well-known TikToker and social media personality famously known as the Small Sheikh of Dubai. Aziz captured the hearts of many with his unique presence and active social media engagements.

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Date of Birth, Age, Birth Place, and Hometown

Aziz Alasmar, also known as the Small Sheikh of Dubai, was born in 1990 or 1991 in Dubai. He was a beloved figure in Dubai, known for his social media influence and unique lifestyle.

Real NameAziz Alasmar
Nick NameSmall Sheikh of Dubai
Date of Birth1990-1991
Age30 years old (at the time of death)
Birth PlaceDubai
ProfessionSocial Media Star
Famous AsSmall Sheikh of Dubai

Who is Aziz Alasmar?

Aziz Alasmar was a social media star who was known as the “Small Sheikh of Dubai” for his funny and interesting TikTok videos and unique personality. He became famous for his unique looks and the high-class life he lived after being born in Dubai. Aziz was short because of a biological problem, but his charm and positive attitude made him a popular person on social media.

The Career of Aziz Alasmar

Aziz Alasmar was a well-known person on social media. After he finished school, he worked for a few private businesses before focusing on his job in social media full-time. As a result of making interesting clips and working with many well-known brands, Aziz gained a large following on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Habibi Its Zain Death Reason

Habibi It’s Zain, a well-known social media personality, sadly passed away, leaving his followers and the online community in shock. The cause of Zain’s death has not been shared with the public, leading to much speculation and many messages of sympathy from fans and friends. His sudden passing has reminded everyone how fragile life can be and shown how strong the bonds formed online can be. Zain’s legacy as a beloved influencer lives on, with his content and positive impact on his audience remaining treasured memories.

Education background of Aziz Alasmar

Aziz Alasmar went to school in Dubai and finished his high school schooling there. Even though his health problems made things hard for him, his commitment to education was clear.


The Personal Life of Aziz Alasmar: Marital Status, Wife, Children

Aziz Alasmar, despite his collaborations with various beautiful women, remained single throughout his life. He was highly focused on his career and social media presence, which he prioritized over personal relationships.

Awards and Recognitions

Aziz Alasmar received various accolades for his contributions to social media and his unique influence as the Small Sheikh of Dubai. His ability to inspire and entertain millions was widely recognized.

Physical Attributes

Aziz’s physical attributes were distinct and contributed to his unique charm. He stood only 3 feet tall and weighed around 16 kg. Despite his short stature, he had a commanding presence.

Height3 Feet
Weight16 kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack

Net Worth and Salary

Aziz Alasmar made good money from his social media work. It was thought that he was worth about $1.5 million when he died, which he got from working with different brands and being active on social media.

Net Worth$1.5 million

Social media profiles

Aziz Alasmar was active on various social media platforms, where he shared his life and engaged with his followers. His profiles were a source of inspiration and entertainment for many.


10 Interesting Facts About Aziz Alasmar

  1. People called Aziz the “Small Sheikh of Dubai.”
  2. His TikTok account had more than 240k followers.
  3. Aziz has had health problems since birth because of his height.
  4. In Dubai, he lived a very fancy life.
  5. He was a Muslim named Aziz.
  6. His posts on social media were very interesting and well-liked.
  7. Even though he had problems, Aziz finished his education.
  8. Several well-known brands and magazines hired him to work with them.
  9. Aziz was known for having a good attitude and being strong.
  10. Many people were moved by his unique personality and interesting writing. 


The “Small Sheikh of Dubai,” Aziz Alasmar, was a famous and inspiring person who was known for being different and having a lot of followers on social media. Despite having many problems, he lived a full and comfortable life and left behind a legacy of strength and happiness. 

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