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In this piece, we will discuss Jeannie Rice, a name that in the world of marathons conjures up images of fortitude and wonder. Even though Jeannie started running at a mature age, she has broken age stereotypes and is still setting world records, demonstrating that tenacity and dedication have no boundaries. Come along as we explore her life, including everything from her early years to her outstanding sporting accomplishments. 

Jeannie Rice

Date of Birth, Age, Birth Place, and Hometown

The amazing Marathon-Runner Jeannie Rice was born in South Korea, but now resides in Ohio, USA, where she continues to motivate athletes all around the world. Hier is a brief overview of her background information. 

Real NameJeannie Rice
Nick NameJeannie
Date of BirthNot Publicly Known
AgeAround 70s
Birth PlaceSouth Korea
HometownConcord Township, OH
ProfessionMarathon Runner
Famous AsWorld Record Holder

Who is Jeannie Rice?

Marathon-Runner Jeannie Rice is an inspiration to people all around the world because of her incredible exploits. She was born in South Korea and later immigrated to the US. In her mid-thirties, she started running marathons as a way to shed weight following a trip. Her commitment soon turned into a love of long-distance running, and she has since become a well-known personality in senior athlete sports.

The Career of Jeannie Rice

Jeannie Rice started running out of the blue when she was in her mid-30s. At first, she did it to lose weight after a trip. In 1983, she ran her first marathon, the Cleveland Marathon. She fell in love with long-distance running right away. Rice has competed in marathons all over the world over the years because she is so dedicated to the sport. She has set world records in her age group, including impressive times at both the Chicago and Berlin Marathons. In her seventies, she kept getting better and setting new records. This changed how people thought about getting older in sports and made her an even bigger inspiration in the running community. 

Education background of Jeannie Rice

She moved to the U.S. from Seoul, South Korea, when she was 19 years old and was a college student. This was the start of her schooling in the U.S. There aren’t many details about her college, but it’s clear that she started her life in America by going to school. But she learned the most important things when she started running when she was 35 years old. Not much is known about Jeannie’s formal education. However, she has learned a lot from her years of experience as a professional marathon runner, which has taken her all over the world and introduced her to many cultures and communities. This mix of formal education and learning through life experiences has helped her have an amazing job and be strong as a marathon runner. 

College EntryMoved to the United States at 19 as a college student
Place of StudyUnited States (specific institution details unknown)
Focus of StudiesUnknown
Notable LearningGained extensive world experience and cultural knowledge through her marathon running career

Awards and Recognitions

Jeannie Rice has been widely recognized for her incredible stamina and performance in marathon running. She holds world records in her age group for the marathon, half marathon, and even 10 miles, serving as an incredible role model and a beacon of inspiration for athletes worldwide.

Physical Attributes

Jeannie Rice’s physical attributes significantly contribute to her success as a marathon runner. Her optimal height and weight provide her with the necessary endurance and speed, essential for long-distance running.

Height5 feet 2 inches
Weight96 pounds
Eye ColorNot Publicly Known
Hair ColorNot Publicly Known

Net Worth and Salary

Jeannie Rice’s success in both sports and her career as a real estate agent have undoubtedly contributed to her financial standing, although specific figures regarding her net worth and salary are not publicly disclosed.

Net WorthNot Publicly Known
SalaryNot Publicly Known

Family Background of Jeannie Rice

Jeannie Rice cherishes family values and often integrates her love for running with family activities, which reinforces her ties and enriches her personal life. Although many details remain private, her participation in family-run events is well-documented.

Sister NameMona Vosen
Brother NameNot Publicly Known

10 Interesting Facts About Jeannie Rice

  1. Started running at 35 to lose weight.
  2. Holds world records in the marathon for her age group.
  3. Extended her athletic passion to her family, organizing group participation in events.
  4. Enjoys skiing, golf, and swimming besides running.
  5. Maintains a diet rich in fish, rice, and vegetables.
  6. Avoids sweets and generally does not consume meat.
  7. Her favorite meal is grilled salmon with a green salad.
  8. Became a U.S. citizen after moving from South Korea.
  9. Runs marathons worldwide, showcasing her international appeal.
  10. Lives in Concord Township, Ohio, where she is also a real estate agent.


People with desire and determination can do amazing things, as shown by Jeannie Rice’s story. She went from not running very often to holding the world record. Her story is not only inspiring, but it also urges people of all ages to break down obstacles and redefine what is possible.

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