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Introduction to Justin Eely: We’re going to talk about Justin Eely today. His name is known for hard work, skill, and a big effect on the world of film and TV editing. The London-based finishing editor Eely was praised for his work on the TV show One Day, where he paid close attention to every detail and edited with skill. Over the course of more than twenty years, he worked on a lot of important projects that showed off his skills as an online editor. Unfortunately, Eely died a few months before the February 2024 episode aired, which sparked interest in his personal life and work. 

Justin Eely (Image Source: thiswastv)

Date Of Birth, Age, Birth Place, Hometown

Justin Eely was born in London, UK, in the middle of the 1970s. Angela Eely raised him, and he kept his private life quiet and didn’t talk much about his family. Even though we don’t have a lot of information, we do know that Eely loved his wife Georgia Grant and their daughter Freya, who was born around 2015.

Personal Details Table

Real NameJustin Eely
Nick NameJustin
Date Of BirthMid-1970s
AgeLate 40s at passing
Birth PlaceLondon, UK
HometownLondon, UK
ProfessionFinishing Editor
Famous AsWork on “One Day”
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Who is Justin Eely?

Justin Eely was a finishing editor who lived in London. He was very well known and admired in the film and TV industries for his skill and attention to detail. As an online writer, he was able to make important contributions to a number of well-known projects, which brought him a lot of attention. 

Career and Professional Life Of Justin Eely

During his 20-year career, Justin Eely was known for carefully cutting movies. He was an important part of the post-production process for many well-known movies. His work on One Day and other shows like The Crown, Killing Eve, and Sherlock Holmes showed how much he loved telling stories and how dedicated he was to doing a great job. Eely’s work was marked by his natural ability to improve the quality of production, putting the finishing touches on creative ideas that made them come to life.

Justin Eely (Image Source: thiswastv)

Personal Life of Justin Eely

It was just as full and interesting in Justin Eely’s personal life as it was at work. He was a good dad to their daughter, Freya. He was married to Georgia Grant. His Instagram page was full of pictures of him and her together, showing how close they were.

Family and Personal Life Table

Marital StatusMarried
Wife NameGeorgia Grant

Legacy and Remembrance

When Justin Eely died too soon, it left a hole in the hearts of those who knew him and in the business he had a big impact on. After he died, his hard work and talent were recognized in the Netflix show One Day, which had a special dedication that talked about his important accomplishments. Eely’s legacy lives on, making sure that his influence on writing and editing will never be lost. 

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Justin Eely Death

The sudden death of Justin Eely, just a few months before the premiere of the Netflix show “One Day” in February 2024, has left a huge hole in the minds of everyone who knew him, both personally and professionally. Even though he liked to keep to himself, the news of his death shocked and saddened his coworkers, friends, and people in the film and TV industry who had grown to respect and admire his amazing ability and commitment to his work.

His family is especially missing him because he was a loyal husband and loving father. They are handling this hard time with grace and strength. The facts of his death will not be made public because that is what his family asked for and is respecting their need for privacy during this sad time. In honor of Justin, “One Day” had a special dedication to him, recognizing his important accomplishments and the lasting impact he had on the show and beyond. The world of film and TV editing is still influenced and inspired by Justin Eely’s work, which is marked by his love of stories and dedication to greatness. 

10 Interesting Facts

  1. Justin Eely was a seven-time Ironman Triathlon winner, showcasing his passion for sports alongside his career.
  2. He joined Company 3 as a Senior Online Editor in 2021, contributing to several acclaimed productions until his passing.
  3. Eely was known for his ability to fine-tune episode pacing and ensure seamless transitions in editing.
  4. Despite his significant impact on the industry, Eely preferred maintaining a low profile, focusing on his craft.
  5. His work extended to more than 100 movies over his 20-year career.
  6. Eely’s dedication to editing was matched by his devotion to his family, often sharing moments with his daughter on social media.
  7. He was instrumental in the success of the series One Day, although he passed away before its premiere.
  8. Eely’s career included work on notable projects like Black Mirror, A Discovery of Witches, and Good Omens.
  9. His legacy is celebrated by colleagues, friends, and family, who remember him not just for his talent but for his warmth and professionalism.
  10. The dedication in the finale credits of One Day serves as a testament to his invaluable contributions to the film and TV community.


The life and work of Justin Eely show a deep commitment to the art of film and TV cutting. He made a lasting mark on the business and touched many people’s lives with his skill and dedication. As we remember Eely, we honor not only his professional accomplishments but also the good qualities he had as a partner, father, and coworker. His legacy will continue to inspire people in the future, and his influence on writing and editing will be recognized for a long time. 

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