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Introduction to Madison Scarpino: We’re excited to tell you about Madison Scarpino today. Her name is becoming more and more known to people all over the United States. Madison’s journey in news and journalism is not only inspiring, but it also shows how hard work and commitment can pay off in the media business. Anyone who wants to become a journalist can learn a lot from Madison’s career, from her early days to her present job at FOX News Channel. 

Madison Scarpino Wikipedia (Image Source: jnm.olemiss)

Date of Birth, Age, Birth Place, and Hometown

Real NameMadison Scarpino
Nick NameNot provided
Date of Birth1998
Age26 years old (as of 2024)
Birth PlaceMemphis, Tennessee, USA
HometownHuntsville, Alabama
ProfessionReporter, Host, Anchor
Famous AsFOX News Correspondent

Who is Madison Scarpino?

Madison Scarpino is a lively American news anchor, writer, and journalist who is currently making waves as a FOX News Channel (FNC) correspondent in Atlanta. Madison has worked in many different journalism jobs and is known for her interesting reporting style and her ability to get to the bottom of important stories. 

The Career and Professional Life of Madison Scarpino

Madison’s work life is a story of success, growth, and learning. As a multimedia reporter, she quickly made a name for herself after starting her job soon after graduating from the University of Mississippi. Because of her job, she has been to the center of St. Louis and the busy news scene in Atlanta to cover everything from political races to natural disasters. Because Madison works hard at her job, she has become a trusted face in the news, providing intelligent and thorough coverage across the country.

Education Background of Madison Scarpino

She got her start in news at the University of Mississippi, where she got her Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast News. She learned both the theory and the practical skills she would need to work in the fast-paced world of news reporting during her time in school.

Education Background

School NameTampa Catholic High School
College NameUniversity of Mississippi
QualificationBachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism

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Career and Professional Life

Madison Scarpino’s job path is a mix of hard work and smart moves. From her early days as a reporter at WAFF-TV in Huntsville, Alabama, where she covered important local news, to her powerful work for FOX News, Madison has always been dedicated to finding the truth and being a good writer. She is known as a respected writer because she covers important national events and can explain complicated stories in a way that anyone can understand.

Madison Scarpino Wikipedia (Image Source: linkedin)

The Personal Life of Madison Scarpino

Madison doesn’t talk about her personal life, but everyone knows she’s from Memphis, Tennessee, and she loves her family and roots very much. Her trip from Memphis to FOX News across the country is one of determination, fueled by a family that always had her back.

The Personal Life of Madison Scarpino

Marital StatusSingle

Awards and Recognitions

Madison’s work has been full of important accomplishments and contributions to journalism, and it’s still going in a direction that will lead to more awards in the future. Even though details about her awards and honors have not been released yet, the fact that she is becoming more and more popular in national news shows how good she is and how dedicated she is. 

Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth$500 Thousand

Physical Attributes

Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight62 Kg

Social Media Profiles

Madison Scarpino’s engagement with her audience extends beyond traditional media. She is active on social media platforms, where she shares insights into her professional life, behind-the-scenes looks at the newsroom, and highlights of her most impactful stories.

Social Media Profiles


10 Interesting Facts About Madison Scarpino:

  1. Madison started working for FOX News in St. Louis and then moved to Atlanta.
  2. She was very important in reporting the midterm elections in 2022.
  3. Madison has a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Mississippi.
  4. She has written about many different subjects, from political races to natural disasters.
  5. Madison wants to keep her personal life private so that people will only notice her work accomplishments.
  6. She is very active on social media, which lets her connect with fans outside of TV.
  7. In the beginning of her work, Madison wrote a lot about local news in Huntsville, Alabama.
  8. She is known for her interesting news style and in-depth stories.
  9. Madison’s work shows that he is dedicated to doing honest and good work as a writer.
  10. Moving to Atlanta is the start of a new phase in her FOX News career that promises more important reporting.


The path that Madison Scarpino took as a journalist shows what can happen when you follow your interests, are dedicated, and work hard. As a reporter for FOX News Channel, she continues to report on important stories from Atlanta. Her job is not just a job; it’s her mission to inform, educate, and engage viewers across the country. Our story about Madison is still being told, and we can’t wait to see what comes next in her amazing career.

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