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Introduction to Meredith Garretson: Today, we’re going to talk about Meredith Garretson, whose name is quickly becoming a sign of ability and versatility in the American entertainment business. As Kate Hawthorne on the hit TV show “Resident Alien,” Meredith has wowed viewers in theaters, on film sets, and on TV. You can tell she loves acting in every role she plays, which makes her one of the most interesting actors to watch right now.

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Date Of Birth, Age, Birth Place, Hometown

Meredith Garretson was born in Washington, DC, on April 27, 1983. She is an American actress who is becoming more well-known for her captivating roles. Growing up in the nation’s capital gave her a unique background that helped her grow as an artist. She now lives in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn and loves the lively culture of New York City.

Personal Information

Real NameMeredith Garretson
Date Of Birth: April 27, 1983
Birth Place: Washington, DC, USA
Hometown: Washington, DC
Zodiac Sign:Taurus
Famous As:Kate Hawthorne in “Resident Alien”

Who is Meredith Garretson?

Meredith Garretson is an actor who has worked on TV, in movies, and in plays. With her part in “Resident Alien,” Meredith’s career took off. She has shown that she can give her characters depth and realism, which makes her one of the most promising actors working today.

Early Life and Background Of Meredith Garretson

Meredith was born and raised in Washington, DC. She chose to be an actress when she was very young. With the help of her parents, Mark and Laurie Holcomb, and her sister Cassie, Meredith explored her artistic side as a child, which set the stage for her future career as an actress.

Education background of Meredith Garretson

Meredith was determined to get better at what she did, so she went to school to learn how to act. She got her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts and her Master of Fine Arts in Acting from New York University. While there, she also learned the Meisner Technique, which helped her improve her skills even more.

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Educational Background 

School Name:Maggie Flanigan Studio
College NameNew York University
Qualification:BA in Theatre Arts, MFA in Acting

Career and Professional Life Of Meredith Garretson

When Meredith got the part of Kate Hawthorne in “Resident Alien,” her career took a big turn for the better and put her in the spotlight. Her role in the movie “Blissestraße” and her work with the theater company LabRats show how versatile she is as an actor and how dedicated she is to her craft.

Personal Life of Meredith Garretson

Meredith’s personal life, which includes her marriage to Daniel Garretson since June 25, 2016, shows that she is happy with both her work and her personal life. From getting engaged to getting married, the couple’s story shows how deeply they are connected and how they share a life in Brooklyn.

Meredith Garretson (Image Source:

Personal Life 

Marital Status:Married
Husband Name:Daniel Garretson

Physical Attributes

Meredith Garretson is 5 feet 4 inches tall and has black eyes and hair that make her stand out in her parts.

Physical Attributes 

Height:5 feet 4 inches
Weight:119 pounds
Eye Color:Black
Hair Color: Black

Net Worth And Salary

Meredith’s acting career has made her a lot of money. She is worth about $2 million, which shows how dedicated she is to her parts and how much of an influence she is becoming in the entertainment business.

Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth: $2 million

Social Media Profiles

Meredith Garretson interacts with her fans on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. She tells her readers about her latest projects and personal thoughts, which strengthens her connection with her audience.

Social Media Profiles 

Twitter: @MeredithGarretson

10 Interesting Facts About Meredith Garretson

  1. There, Meredith got her start as an actress. She was born and raised in Washington, D.C..
  2. Her big break came when she played Kate Hawthorne in “Resident Alien.”
  3. She got both her BA and MFA in acting from New York University.
  4. She helped to start the theater group LabRats, which focuses on experimental and collaborative theater.
  5. After dating Daniel for three years, Meredith got married to him in 2016.
  6. It is thought that she is worth about $2 million, which shows how successful she is in her field.
  7. Meredith works hard as an actor and has made a name for herself in both theater and movies.
  8. She uses the Meisner technique, which shows how much she cares about making her acts real.
  9. Meredith has deep ties to New York City, especially to the Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn, where she lives and works.
  10. She has an interesting attitude, and her social media accounts show what her life is like outside of work. 


Meredith Garretson is the perfect example of hard work, ability, and passion in the entertainment business. From a young girl interested in the arts to a famous actress, her story is a powerful one of desire and success. People are looking forward to Meredith’s next performance because her career shows how flexible acting is, as she keeps trying out new parts and challenges.

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