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Introduction to Foundation For Freedom Online: The Foundation for Freedom Online is what we’re going to talk about today. It means we’re going to have a long talk about things like free speech, the history of the internet, and geopolitical strategies. The history of free speech on the internet is an interesting story of new ideas, smart planning, and the final shift in policy views that made the internet what it is today.

Mike Benz (Image Source: nbcnews)

Basic Personal Information

NameMike Benz
Date of BirthFebruary 4, 1975
OccupationDirector, Foundation For Freedom Online
EducationTechnological Leadership Institute, University of Minnesota.
Famous ForAdvocating for internet free speech and analyzing geopolitical impacts on digital communication
Career HighlightSpeaking on the evolution of internet free speech in global politics

Who is Mike Benz

Mike Benz, who runs the Foundation for Freedom Online, is one of the most talked-about people when it comes to the complicated link between free speech on the internet and playing politics. His ideas give us a critical look at how Western defense and foreign policy establishments first supported internet freedom in global politics and then changed their minds.

Mike Benz (Image Source: thefederalnewswire)

The Evolution of Internet Free Speech and Geopolitical Strategy

Mike Benz’s story starts when the internet was privatized in 1991. This shows that free speech online wasn’t just a side effect of digital progress; the Pentagon, the State Department, and the CIA used it as a strategic tool. This plan was meant to help rebel groups around the world fight against dictatorships, making it easier for what Benz calls “insta-regime-change operations.”

Technologies for internet freedom, like VPNs, TOR, and private chats, were built on DARPA projects and joint CIA/NSA efforts. During the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations, these technologies were made to help groups backed by intelligence overthrow countries that were against U.S. interests.

The Arab Spring: A Highwater Mark for Internet Freedom

Benz says that the Arab Spring of 2011–2012 was a turning point in the history of free speech on the internet. Social media sites were very important in the protests that brought down governments in Egypt, Tunisia, and other places. The State Department worked closely with these sites to make sure people could still access the internet during important times of political unrest.

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A Shift in Perspective: From Support to Censorship

In 2014, when Russia took over Crimea, it changed the way NATO thought about internet freedom. According to Benz, the surprising changes in Ukraine and Crimea caused people to rethink the usefulness of free speech on the internet, which led to NATO adopting the Gerasimov Doctrine. This ideology shows a change in how we think about the media and social media ecosystems’ ability to affect elections and, by extension, military and political power.

The Rise of Political Warfare and Media Control

Because of Brexit and the rise of right-wing populist groups across Europe, NATO and other military organizations have stepped up their efforts to control the narrative on social media. Benz talks about how an organized system for political warfare grew to block what were seen as threats to the “rules-based international order,” such as Russian propaganda and internal populist movements.

Social Media


Conclusion and Reflection

Mike Benz’s story gives us a deep understanding of how free speech on the internet has changed over time, from a way to free people to a place where global disputes happen. It shows how complicated the relationship is between new technologies, political strategies, and the changing sands of global power.

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