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Introduction to Mikki Mase: This article is going to take a look into the life of Mikki Mase, a person whose life reads like a script for a big hit movie. The name Mikki Mase, which can also be spelled Michael David Meiterman, is linked to success, trouble, and change. Mikki’s trip is nothing short of amazing. It takes her from the neon-lit streets of Las Vegas to the boardrooms of big businesses. His story shows how to be strong, smart, and determined to keep going until you succeed.

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Date of Birth, Age, Birth Place, and Hometown

Mikki Mase’s story starts in New Jersey, USA, where he was born into a very unusual family. Let’s look at the most important parts of his early life and background: 

Real NameMichael David Meiterman
Nick NameMikki Mase
Date of BirthNovember 22, 1991
Age32 years old
Birth PlaceNew Jersey, USA
HometownNew Jersey, USA
Zodiac SignScorpio
ProfessionPoker Player, Professional Gambler, Entrepreneur
Famous AsKing of Baccarat, Business Owner

Who is Mikki Mase?

Mikki Mase is a mystery. She is a seasoned businesswoman, a professional gambler known as the “King of Baccarat,” and a poker player who can’t play in any Las Vegas casino. He is thought to be worth millions of dollars. He got that way not only by being good at gaming but also by being smart as a business owner, especially in real estate and drug and alcohol rehab.

The Career and Professional Life of Mikki Mase

Mikki Mase’s career has been full of ups and downs. He used to sell drugs and be an addict, but over time, he has changed into a respected business mogul and a feared figure in the gaming world. His story is a great example of how to change things for the better, be strong, and keep trying until you succeed, no matter what.

The Personal Life of Mikki Mase

Mikki likes to keep his personal life a secret. There is talk about romantic connections, but Mikki is mostly focused on his work and projects, so his personal life is a mystery. 

Marital StatusSingle
GirlfriendAmanda Bam Margera
Mikki Mase Girlfriend (Image Source: Youtube)

Physical Attributes

Mikki Mase gets people’s attention not only with what he does but also just by being there. His height of 5 feet 10 inches and weight of about 70 kg make him just as intimidating as his image.

Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight70 kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack

Net Worth and Salary

Mikki Mase’s accomplishments in the business world are just as impressive as his career path. He has done well in business and gambling, as shown by his net worth and pay.

Net Worth$12 Million
Salary$3.6 Million annually

Social Media Profiles

Mikki Mase has a lot of followers on social media, where he posts about his projects and gives peeks into his life. 

FacebookMikki Mase Gambles 

10 Interesting Facts About Mikki Mase

  1. He was kicked out of all the Las Vegas casinos because he was so good at gaming.
  2. He is known as the “King of Baccarat.”
  3. changed from an unhappy teen to a successful business owner.
  4. His dad was a skilled racecar driver who got caught up in organized crime and went to prison.
  5. He was born on October 27, which makes him a Scorpio.
  6. He began his work in the worst parts of society before he found redemption.
  7. It is thought that they are worth about $45 million.
  8. Among his many expensive cars is a Lamborghini Urus.
  9. I bought an eco-friendly home in Los Angeles for $3.9 million.
  10. He focuses on his work accomplishments and keeps his personal life private.


In spite of problems, Mikki Mase has done amazing things in her life that show how people can change. Mikki’s story is an inspiring one of perseverance, strategic thinking, and the never-ending chase of success. It starts with his early struggles and ends with him being a business mogul and gambling legend. The story of his life shows that with hard work and a plan, anyone can change the course of events to their advantage. 

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