Muyun Brothers Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Date Of Birth, Birth Place

Introduction to the Muyun Brothers: Today, we’ll dive into the interesting world of the Muyun Brothers, who are famous on TikTok and have brought the peaceful beauty of China’s Daliang Mountains and the rich cultural history of the Yi people to the world’s attention. Their story shows how social media can be used to bring classical music to people all over the world.

Muyun Brothers (Image Source: soundcloud)

Date Of Birth, Age, Birth Place, Hometown

They are from the beautiful Daliang Mountains in Sichuan Province, China, and are in their twenties. They are from the Yi ethnic group, and their songs and way of life tell a lot about their culture.

Personal Information 

Real Name:Muyun Brothers (Collective)
Nick Name:Muyun
Date Of Birth:Early 2000
Age:About 20 years old
Birth Place:Daliang Mountains, Sichuan Province, China
Hometown:Daliang Mountains, Sichuan Province
Nationality: Chinese

Who are the Muyun Brothers?

Coming from a minority cultural background, the Muyun Brothers have gone beyond their local roots to become famous all over the world. Their story is about keeping traditions alive, family ties, and how music can bring people together across digital channels.

Early Life and Background Of the Muyun Brothers

Yi music is a link between the past and the present that shows the heart of their history. It was formed in the rich traditions of the Yi people.


Achievement:Viral TikTok Video with 21+ million views

Education background of the Muyun Brothers

There aren’t many details about their formal schooling, but growing up in the Daliang Mountains, surrounded by Yi music and culture, gave them a unique learning environment.


School Name:Local Community School
Qualification:Traditional Yi Music and Culture

Career and Professional Life Of the Muyun Brothers

Their career is a mix of traditional Yi music and the global reach of social media. They went viral with their first TikTok video and are now culture ambassadors.


RoleMusicians and Social Media Personalities
ProfessionContent Creation and Music
AchievementGlobal Recognition for Cultural Representation

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Personal Life of the Muyun Brothers

The Muyun Brothers don’t talk about their personal lives, so their music and cultural accomplishments can shine.

Personal Life

Marital StatusSingle

Awards and Recognitions

The fact that they are known around the world as cultural champions shows how important it is for them to promote Yi culture through music.

Muyun Brothers (Image source youtube)


Awards NameGlobal Cultural Ambassador (Unofficial)

Physical Attributes

Their unique looks, which come from their Yi background, go well with their musical skills and make them more appealing.

Physical Attributes

HeightApproximately 165 cm (5’5″)

Net Worth And Salary

While exact numbers aren’t given, their popularity on sites like TikTok suggests that they have a lot of power and could make a lot of money.

Net Worth and Salary

Net WorthGrowing Through Online Platforms

Family Background of the Muyun Brothers

Their family is an important part of their journey and supports their artistic pursuits, which are based on Yi community customs.

Family Background 

Father NamePart of the Yi Community Leadership
Mother NameGuardian of Traditional Yi Crafts

Past life History of the Muyun Brothers

Before they became famous, they had a close relationship with their culture and the natural beauty of their home country. These are still important parts of their work.

Social Media Profiles

The Muyun Brothers share their songs and cultural background on most of the social media sites they use, like TikTok and YouTube.

Social Media Profiles


10 Interesting Facts

  1. They mix Yi songs from the past with modern sounds.
  2. Known for the beautiful music videos they post on TikTok.
  3. Active people of the Yi ethnic group who work to protect their culture.
  4. Know how well they can harmonize their voices and play the guitar.
  5. Over 21 million people have watched a single movie that went viral.
  6. They sing in the Yi language that they were born with.
  7. Even though they are famous, the brothers live a simple life.
  8. supports using music to teach about other cultures.
  9. Their family is an important part of their artistic journey.
  10. People see them as signs of how indigenous societies have spread around the world. 


The Muyun Brothers are more than just singers. They tell stories, represent Yi culture, and connect traditional Yi culture with people around the world. Through their music, they let people from all over the world learn about the rich history of the Yi people. This shows that music has the power to connect people across borders.

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