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Introduction to Nex Benedict: Today, we talk about the life and impact of Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old non-binary person whose untimely death has caused people all over the world to talk about how to keep transgender children safe and make sure they are accepted in their communities. Our goal with this piece is to tell Nex’s story in a way that is both casual and helpful. 

Nex Benedict (Image Source: bandofoutsiders)

Date Of Birth, Age, Birth Place, Hometown

Nex Benedict was born in Owasso, Oklahoma, on January 11, 2008. As a child, he or she had to deal with the problems and difficulties that come with being a non-binary youth in this day and age. We can see more about Nex’s past here:

Real NameNex Benedict
Nick NameNex
Date Of BirthJanuary 11, 2008
Birth PlaceOwasso, Oklahoma
HometownOwasso, Oklahoma
Zodiac SignCapricorn
ReligionNot Specified
Famous AsNex

Who is Nex Benedict?

Nex Benedict was a sophomore at Owasso High School. They were known for having a strong will and a lot of energy. Nex’s story is a powerful reminder of the problems transgender teens and young adults face in today’s society. It shows how important it is to understand and protect these people right away. 

Early Life and Background Of Nex Benedict

Nex was raised by their grandparents, Sue and Walter Benedict, from a very young age. They were always there for them and loved them. Even though it was hard for Nex to show their non-binary identity, their grandparents made sure they had a safe place to live that supported them being themselves. 

Nex Benedict (Image Source: bandofoutsiders)

Education background of Nex Benedict

Nex wasn’t able to finish their time at Owasso High School because of an unfortunate fight that ended in death. This event has brought up important concerns about the safety and acceptance of all students in schools, especially those from the LGBTQ+ group. 

Career and Professional Life Of Nex Benedict

Nex was at the start of their life’s journey as students, with hopes and goals that they had yet to test. Their death is a huge loss for everyone, including their family and friends and the people who could have gained from what they could have done.

Personal Life of Nex Benedict

Nex showed how rich life can be when you accept yourself as you are. Nex had a lot of different skills and hobbies, as shown by their love of martial arts, acting, and traveling. Nex’s story makes us want to fight for a world where all kids can happily be themselves. 

Family Background of Nex Benedict

Nex’s family played a pivotal role in their life, providing love, support, and understanding. Here’s a closer look at the family that stood by Nex:

Mother NameSue Benedict,
Sister NameMalia Pila
Brother NameMoses and Luke

Reaction From The People On Nex’s Death

People are very upset about Nex’s death and want something to be done about it. Messages of support from friends, family, and supporters all over the world have shown how important it is for society to change right away to protect and respect the lives of transgender people.

10 Facts About Nex Benedict

  1. Nex Benedict was a non-binary student at Oklahoma’s Owasso High School. His life story has shown how hard it is for transgender teens and young adults to live in this society.
  2. Nex Benedict was born on January 11, 2008, in Owasso, Oklahoma. Tragically, her life was cut short after a fight at their high school, which led to conversations about how to keep transgender kids safe and how to accept them.
  3. Sue and Walter Benedict, Nex’s grandparents, raised them from a very young age and formally adopted them. They gave them a loving and accepting home that accepted their non-binary identity.
  4. Nex’s death on February 7, the day after the fight at school, sparked discussions around the world about how to keep transgender children safe in schools and other public places.
  5. Even though not much is known about Nex’s biological parents, their story has shown how important it is for transgender and non-binary kids to have families that support them.
  6. Nex had a sister named Malia Pila, who said they were a wonderful child who had an unquantifiable effect on the whole family. This showed how close Nex was to their family.
  7. Nex’s untimely death was met with a flood of condolences and tributes from family, friends, and allies around the world. Many of them brought attention to the larger problems of transgender discrimination and hate crimes.
  8. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said in a statement that Nex’s death was linked to general legislative issues. They specifically pointed to the state’s bathroom bill as one reason why transgender people face animosity.
  9. Nex’s story has sparked conversations on social media and elsewhere. Many people are asking for more protections for transgender students in schools and condemning hate speech that leads to a violent culture.
  10. Nex Benedict’s legacy has become a rallying point for activists and supporters around the world who want to promote understanding, acceptance, and systemic change to protect the safety and dignity of transgender and non-binary people. 


Nex Benedict’s story is a sad reminder of how much work needs to be done to make society safe and welcoming for everyone. As we remember Nex’s life, let us promise to work for transgender kids everywhere to be understood, accepted, and safe. 

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