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Introduction to Shamil Gaziev: This post is going to be about Shamil Gaziev. That means we’ll have a casual chat about this tough athlete who has quickly risen through the ranks to become a big name in the UFC heavyweight division. Gaziev’s journey from his home in Dagestan to his success in the octagon shows how skilled, determined, and influenced by his famous coach, Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, he is.

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Date of Birth, Age, Birth Place, and Hometown

For a long time, Shamil Gaziev has been unbeatable, which has made him a big name in the UFC’s heavyweight class. Gaziev was born in Khunzakh, Dagestan, Russia, and has proudly shown off his roots while performing on stages around the world. 

Real NameShamil Gaziev
Date of BirthFebruary 10, 1990
Birth PlaceKhunzakh, Dagestan, Russia
HometownKhunzakh, Dagestan, Russia
Zodiac SignAquarius
ProfessionProfessional Mixed Martial Artist
Famous AsUFC Heavyweight Fighter

Who is Shamil Gaziev?

As we know, Shamil Gaziev is a famous UFC heavyweight fighter. Also, Shamil Gaziev is a real star in the UFC heavyweight class. He’s more than just a fighter. There is no doubt that Gaziev is a strong fighter. He has never lost a fight, and his style combines Dagestani wrestling with strong hitting. He trained under the famous Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov and has done great things in the sport, which makes him seem like a committed and strong athlete.

The Career and Professional Life of Shamil Gaziev

Gaziev’s journey is a story of never giving up. Before he joined the UFC, he won fights in different promotions. His first fight in the UFC, at UFC 296 against Martin Buday, showed how good he was; he won by TKO in the second round. Gaziev has a record of 12 wins and 0 losses, which shows how skilled and dedicated he is to the sport. 

Shamil Gaziev (Image Source: fights)

Physical Attributes

In the heavyweight division, Shamil Gaziev has a clear edge because of the way he looks. His success in the ring comes from his height, reach, and strict training routine.

Height6’4″ (193 cm)
Weight265 lb (120.2 kg)

Social Media Profiles

Fans and followers of Shamil Gaziev can keep up with his work and learn more about his training and personal life by following him on social media.


10 Interesting Facts About Shamil Gaziev

  1. Gaziev used to play basketball before taking up mixed martial arts.
  2. I took lessons from the famous Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov.
  3. One of the first competitive mixed martial artists from Bahrain to fight in the UFC.
  4. Keeps a perfect record.
  5. He is known for the way he wrestles in Dagestani.
  6. Several MMA companies have given them wins.
  7. Gaziev’s style is a mix of wrestling and strong hitting.
  8. He has been in some of the best UFC heavyweight fights.
  9. Gaziev’s strong commitment to his religion, Islam, is an example.
  10. Shows a mix of Dagestani and Bahraini customs in the UFC.


Shamil Gaziev worked hard, learned a lot, and never gave up on his goal to become the best. He went from Dagestan to the UFC ring. Even at heavyweight, Gaziev is still a tough opponent. People like the way he fights, which is why he has never lost a fight. There’s more to his story than just the fights he won. It’s also about how his past, faith, and coach, Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, shaped him as a warrior.  

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