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Today, we’re going to talk about Sofia Isella, a young but famous singer-songwriter and professionally trained violinist. In the indie pop music scene, Sofia is an inspiration because of how she got from California to the Gold Coast of Australia and how well her music career has gone. 

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Date of Birth, Age, Birth Place, and Hometown

The beautiful Sofia Isella was born in California in 2005. She is still young, but she has already done a lot in her singing career. She lived in different places as a child, like Taiwan, Canada, Louisiana, New Mexico, and the Gold Coast in Australia.

Real NameSofia Isella Miranda
Nick NameSofia Isella
Date of Birth2005
Age18 (as of 2023)
Birth PlaceCalifornia, USA
HometownGold Coast, Australia
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Producer
Famous AsIndie Pop Musician

Who is Sofia Isella?

Sofia Isella is a young star who is known for her electronic, indie pop, and alternative music. She was born in California in 2005 and is a professionally trained violinist who is also very good at playing the piano and acoustic guitar. Sofia’s singing journey is one of a kind because she lived in different places as a child, like Taiwan, Canada, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Australia. 

In March 2021, she played her first paid show in Brisbane, opening for Sycco. Since then, she has played over 70 live shows all over Australia. Sofia has won many awards for her skills and hard work. At the 2022 Gold Coast Music Awards, she was named Musician of the Year. She has a unique stage personality and interesting live shows that have helped her build a strong fan base in Southeast Queensland and online.

The Career of Sofia Isella

It was a big deal for Sofia Isella when she opened for Sycco at her first big show in Brisbane in March 2021. She has played at many festivals and venues in Australia since then, such as Hidden Lanes, The Long Sunset, and the Caloundra Music Festival. She has a committed fan base because of how captivating she is on stage and how unique her music style is. As her work grew, she reached a big milestone when she won Musician of the Year at the Gold Coast Music Awards in 2022. 

Sofia Isella Review

In her new song “Everybody Supports Women,” Sofia Isella talks about the issues that sexism still causes, especially in this digital age. The song stands out against the current positive female messages because it came out around the same time as Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” and Taylor Swift’s tours. Broken doll heads are used on the cover art and music video to show how unrealistic standards are put on women and how they are constantly criticized.

Sofia Isella Review (Image Source:

It’s like how society’s view of successful women changes from praise to unfair criticism and finally to silence. The chorus of the song goes from dreamy to angry to quiet and defeated. Isella’s smart use of social media has made sure that the song comes out at the right time and has a big impact, even though feminism is currently popular in a positive way. This difference brings up the problem of sexism, which makes “Everybody Supports Women” a deep and thought-provoking song.

Education background of Sofia Isella

Sofia’s educational background details are not extensively available, but her musical training began at a young age, focusing on classical violin.

QualificationClassically Trained Violinist

The Personal Life of Sofia Isella

Sofia Isella is currently focused on her music career and is not known to be married or have any children. Her personal life includes a strong connection with her family, especially her supportive mother who accompanies her to gigs.

Marital StatusSingle

Awards and Recognitions

Sofia Isella has been recognized for her musical talents, winning the prestigious Musician of the Year award at the 2022 Gold Coast Music Awards.

Past life History of Sofia Isella

Sofia’s past life includes a rich tapestry of experiences across various countries and cultures, which have greatly influenced her music and artistic expression. She has lived in places such as Taiwan, Canada, Louisiana, and New Mexico before settling in the Gold Coast, Australia.

Social Media Profiles

Sofia Isella maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, connecting with her fans and sharing her musical journey.


10 Interesting Facts About Sofia Isella

  1. Sofia Isella started making music when she was very young. In 2021, she played her first big show in Brisbane.
  2. She learned how to play the violin the right way and can also play the piano and acoustic guitar.
  3. Sofia was named Musician of the Year at the Gold Coast Music Awards in 2022.
  4. She has played at the Hidden Lanes, The Long Sunset, and Caloundra Music Festival, among others.
  5. Her song “Us & Pigs” did really well on TikTok and Spotify.
  6. Phantogram, Amy Winehouse, and Marian Hill are some of Sofia’s favorite artists.
  7. She is well-known online; several of her movies on TikTok and Instagram have been watched millions of times.
  8. Sofia has played more than 70 live shows in Australia, even though she is older.
  9. She makes music that is a unique mix of rock, pop, and electronic styles.
  10. Sofia really wants to go on tour with Phantogram, Marian Hill, and Halsey. 


Sofia Isella is a growing star in the world of indie pop music. She came all the way from California to Australia, which is an amazing story. She is an interesting artist to watch because of her wide range of musical skills and interesting shows.

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