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We’ll talk about Sydnie Christmas in this piece today. The beautiful singer Sydnie just won “Britain’s Got Talent.” Sydnie has quickly become well-known for her unique last name and captivating acts. To get to know her better, let’s look into her past, her job, her personal life, and more. 

Sydnie Christmas Wikipedia (Image Source: yahoo)

Date of Birth, Age, Birth Place, and Hometown

Sydnie Christmas, a remarkable talent from Kent, has been making waves with her exceptional singing abilities. Below is a detailed table with her key personal details:

Real NameSydnie Christmas
Nick NameSydnie
Age28 years
Birth PlaceKent, England
HometownKent, England
Famous AsWinner of Britain’s Got Talent

Who is Sydnie Christmas?

British singer Sydnie Christmas, who is 28 years old, became famous after making it to the finals of the hit TV show “Britain’s Got Talent.” Sydnie has a strong voice and a unique last name. Her acts have captivated audiences. Even though people make fun of her last name, she wears it with pride and humor, which makes her a memorable figure in the entertainment business.

Sydnie Christmas’ Boyfriend Max Rizzo’s Support

Sydnie Christmas, the new winner of Britain’s Got Talent, has had the backing of her boyfriend Max Rizzo the whole time she was on the show. Max, an actor who is 29 years old, has been a source of strength and humor for Sydnie, especially when she has had to deal with strange responses to her unusual last name. The couple finds it funny how people respond to Sydnie’s name, so if they ever get married, they might give her a double-barrelled last name, like Sydnie Rizzo-Christmas. Max’s help and support were very important to Sydnie as she followed her dream of becoming a performer, which led to her amazing win on the show.

Career of Sydnie Christmas

Sydnie Christmas’s job changed a lot after she went on “Britain’s Got Talent.” She had a run of great performances on the show that led to her winning the grand prize of £250,000 and the chance to perform at Britain’s Royal Variety Performance. With her versions of old songs like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” Sydnie has won praise from the judges and a strong following of fans. 

Education Background 

Sydnie Christmas’s education laid the foundation for her career in the performing arts. Below is a table with her educational details:

QualificationPerforming Arts

The Personal Life of Sydnie Christmas

Max Rizzo is an actor who is 29 years old and is dating Sydnie Christmas. The couple finds Sydnie’s unusual last name funny, and they might take a double-barrelled last name if they get married, which would make them Sydnie Rizzo-Christmas. 

Marital StatusIn a relationship,
Partner NameMax Rizzo
BoyfriendMax Rizzo
Sydnie Christmas Partner (Image Source: Instagram)

Awards and Recognitions

Sydnie Christmas has received several accolades and recognitions for her exceptional talent and performances:

Britain’s Got Talent Winner2024
Royal Variety Performance2024

Net Worth and Salary

Sydnie Christmas has accumulated wealth through her career as a singer and her recent win on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Net Worth£250,000 (Prize Money)
SalaryNot specified

Social Media Profiles

Sydnie Christmas maintains a presence on various social media platforms:


10 Interesting Facts About Sydnie Christmas

  • Sydnie Christmas won “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2024.
  • She is in a relationship with actor Max Rizzo.
  • Sydnie plans to keep her unique surname even after marriage.
  • Her winning performance was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”
  • She has a background in performing arts.
  • Sydnie performed on Royal Caribbean cruise ships.
  • She once played Rizzo in the musical “Grease.”
  • Sydnie’s father jokingly refers to himself as Father Christmas.
  • She received standing ovations from all four judges in the semi-finals of “Britain’s Got Talent.”
  • Sydnie’s quirky surname often leads to humorous reactions.


The singer Sydnie Christmas is very good at what she does and has been through a lot to be successful. Her journey on “Britain’s Got Talent” has shown how talented and determined she is. With a bright future ahead of her, Sydnie continues to amaze people with her performances and one-of-a-kind attitude.

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