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Introduction to Tiffany Henyard: Earlier this year, Tiffany Henyard made history by becoming the first and youngest female mayor of Dolton, Illinois. She also made history by becoming the first African American supervisor of Thornton Township. Her rise from an active member of the community to a recognized political leader shows how dedicated she is to her community and how much she cares about it.

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Date Of Birth, Age, Birth Place, Hometown

Tiffany Henyard was born in 1984 and has deep roots in Dolton, Illinois, where she grew up and later became the town’s mayor. Her story is one of community pride, hard work, and a strong loyalty to service.

Personal Details Table

NameTiffany Henyard
Age40 years old (as of 2024)
OccupationMayor of Dolton, Illinois; Supervisor of Thornton Township, Illinois
EducationBA in Business Administration from Robert Morris University; MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management
SpouseDwayne Henyard
Net WorthEstimated at $300,000 per year

Who is Tiffany Henyard?

Tiffany Henyard’s rise to power in Dolton, Illinois, is a story of determination, leadership, and ground-breaking accomplishments. From her early work in the community to her historic election as mayor, Henyard’s life is full of breaking down barriers and making new rules.

Tiffany Henyard (Image Source: sportskeeda)

Early Life and Background Of Tiffany Henyard

While she was growing up in Dolton, Henyard was very involved in her neighborhood and did very well in school. Her path from Thornridge High School to getting her Master’s degree shows how much she cares about education and leadership.

Education Background of Tiffany Henyard

Henyard’s academic background, which includes a lauded graduation from Robert Morris University and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management, gives her a planned and analytical way of thinking about government and community development.

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Educational Background 

School NameThornridge High School
College NameRobert Morris University, Keller Graduate School of Management
QualificationBA in Business Administration, MBA

Career and Professional Life Of Tiffany Henyard

Henyard’s political career, which began with her election as a village board member and ended with her becoming mayor, shows how committed she is to public safety, responsible spending, and giving people in the community more power. Her projects have had a big effect on Dolton, showing how committed she is to growth and inclusion.

Personal Life of Tiffany Henyard

Henyard is a great example of leadership that is based on religion, family, and community because she is a mayor, township supervisor, wife, and mother. Her personal life, which is better because she is married to Dwayne Henyard and they have two kids together, is similar to the values and dedication she shows in her public work.

Personal Life Details 

Marital StatusMarried
Husband NameDwayne Henyard

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10 Facts About Tiffany Henyard

Of course! Here are 10 facts about Tiffany Henyard that have been sped up to make them easier to understand:

  1. She made history in 2021 when she became the first and youngest woman to be mayor of the town of Dolton, Illinois, which has about 23,000 people.
  2. As the first African American supervisor of Thornton Township, she broke new ground. She is in charge of 17 municipalities and places in Cook County.
  3. The place where Tiffany was born in 1984 has always been her home.
  4. Her grades were the best at Thornridge High School, and she later got the highest grades possible in her business degree at Robert Morris University.
  5. It wasn’t enough for Tiffany; she also earned a Master’s in Business Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management.
  6. She worked as a town trustee in Dolton for eight years before becoming mayor. During that time, she pushed for better money management, safety, and help for young people.
  7. She has started many important projects to help her community as mayor, such as the Dolton COVID-19 Relief Fund and the Dolton Summer Youth Employment Program.
  8. Tiffany is also in charge of Thornton Township, which is Illinois’s largest township. There, she helps people who need it with their finances and social problems.
  9. Her husband is a business owner and used to play professional hoops. They have two kids who go to Dolton schools.
  10. Tiffany is a role model for women and minorities because of how hard she works and how well she leads. She has won many awards and is respected by many. 


Tiffany Henyard’s story is an example of how creative leadership and community involvement can make a difference. As mayor of Dolton and supervisor of Thornton Township, her accomplishments and problems show that she was a leader who cared about the well-being and growth of her community. Henyard’s rise from a committed student to a groundbreaking politician shows how important it is to keep going, learn, and help others.

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