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This week, we’re going to look into the story of the Poodle Moth from Season 11 of “The Masked Singer.” People are interested in this character because they gave a stunning performance that hints at a deep and meaningful background. You’ve come to the right place if you’ve ever wanted to know more about the beautiful but hard-to-find Poodle Moth. Let’s look at the hints and guesses that have fans coming up with ideas.

Clock On Masked Singer (Image Source: parade)

Who is The Masked Singer’s Clock?

During “Billy Joel Night” on Season 11 of “The Masked Singer,” everyone is trying to figure out who Clock is. Everybody was amazed by Clock’s singing. She wore an old-fashioned dress with clock designs all over it. The judges believe Clock knows a lot about soul music based on the clues they were given, such as a disco ball, a baby doll, a gift show, a golden globe, and talking about Billy Joel’s song “Vienna” and how it’s about savoring each moment and about how they are honored with a day in their honor.

Robin Thicke thought it might be Evelyn “Champagne” King, Jenny McCarthy thought it might be Anita Baker, and Ken Jeong thought it might be Diana Ross. It still hasn’t been shown on the show who Clock really is. There will be more hints and acts in the future, but “The Masked Singer” is keeping us all guessing. To find out who Clock really is, don’t miss the newest shows on Fox every Wednesday at 8 p.m. SETI.

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The Career of Clock

The fact that Clock chose “Piano Man” for a performance suggests that they have a deep link to the power of music to change people. The way this character is portrayed suggests that they have a lot of experience acting, maybe even performing for presidents and holding audiences’ attention from dusk until dawn. The mystery of who Clock is adds to the excitement of this season as fans try to figure out each sign. 

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Interesting Facts About Clock

  1. The Victorian dress and ornate design of the clock seem to be a nod to classic beauty and the lasting power of music.
  2. The choice of “Piano Man” could be a hint at something personal or a job that has left a similar legacy to Billy Joel’s.
  3. People think that Clock might be an award-winning artist because of the golden globe sign.
  4. Clock’s performance style and other clues point to a strong connection to soul and R&B music.
  5. Fans and judges are both looking through the calendar for possible clues to the mysterious “date in my name” riddle. 


The Masked Singer’s Clock is still one of the most interesting secrets from Season 11. It fits the show’s style of being fun, suspenseful, and musically celebratory. Even though people are still guessing, one thing is for sure: fans all over the world can’t wait for Clock to reveal who she is. Stay tuned as we keep looking for hints, and maybe, one day, we’ll find the real person behind the mask.

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