Yolanda Sultana Wikipedia, Date Of Birth, Age, Birth Place, Hometown 

Short Introduction to Yolanda Sultana: We’re going to talk about Yolanda Sultana today. In the fields of astrology and tarot reading, her name is linked to wisdom and understanding. Many people call her “Auntie Yoli,” and many are interested in how she went from living in the old streets of Jerusalem to becoming a spiritual leader. Yolanda has been working as a therapist for many years and has helped many people who were looking for clarity and direction.

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Date Of Birth, Age, Birth Place, Hometown 

Yolanda Sultana was born in Jerusalem, which is an old city. She comes from a long line of people who follow the spiritual and cultural customs of the Holy Land. Her story started around 1940, which makes her about 83 years old now. She was baptized in Bethlehem when she was young, and those events have no doubt helped make her the respected figure she is today. 

Table: Basic Information

Real NameYolanda Sultana
Nick NameAuntie Yoli
Date Of Birth1940
Birth PlaceJerusalem

Who is Yolanda Sultana

Yolanda Sultana is more than just an astrologer and tarot card reader; she is a lighthouse for people who are trying to figure out how to live their lives. She is known as a trusted guide and spiritual mentor because of the deep insights and predictions she has made, especially during hard times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Early Life and Background Of Yolanda Sultana

Yolanda’s early life is like a fabric; it’s full of spiritual and cultural threads. She was born in Jerusalem to Elias Halabi and Mara Riadi. Growing up in Bethlehem, she was immersed in the history and magic of the Holy Land, which shaped her spiritual path from a very young age.

Education background of Yolanda Sultana

It’s still hard to find out exactly what Yolanda Sultana learned in school, but her deep knowledge and skill in astrology and tarot reading suggest that she has spent her whole life learning these subjects, whether in school or on her own.

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Career and Professional Life Of Yolanda Sultana

Yolanda Sultana’s work shows how much she wants to help people figure out life’s mysteries. She is a famous psychic and astrologer whose work spans decades. She helps people with their spiritual needs and makes predictions that have won them over all over the world.

Yolanda Sultana (Image Source: encancha)

Personal Life of Yolanda Sultana

It’s not all about how Yolanda Sultana acts in public. She has a story of love, loss, and family. She is now divorced after being married to sports reporter and writer Abdon Oyarzun for more than 35 years. Her personal life shows how strong she is emotionally and spiritually. 

Personal Life

Marital StatusWidowed
Wife/Husband NameAbdon Oyarzun
Children’s NameMari Soledad Duran

10 Interesting Facts About Yolanda Sultana

  1. Jerusalem Born: Yolanda Sultana was born in Jerusalem, a city with a lot of spiritual and cultural history.
  2. Bethlehem Connection: She had a close connection to Bethlehem as a child because that’s where her parents baptized her, giving her deep spiritual roots from the start.
  3. Spiritual Guide: She is known as “Auntie Yoli,” and people love her for reading tarot cards and making horoscopes.
  4. Years of Power: Yolanda has been helping people and giving them advice for many years, which has made her a recognized figure in the spirituality and astrology fields.
  5. Pandemic statements: During the COVID-19 pandemic, she got a lot of attention for her smart statements about how the crisis would affect people.
  6. After being married for more than 35 years, she lost her husband, the famous sports writer and journalist Abdon Oyarzun.
  7. Gift of Love: She has at least one daughter named Mari Soledad Duran, who carries on her love and spiritual direction.
  8. Cultural Heritage: Her family tree goes back to the Holy Land, showing a deep connection to the culture and history of the area.
  9. Significant Online Presence: Yolanda has a large online presence and connects with a lot of people. She has about 110k fans on Twitter.
  10. A Life of Service: Yolanda’s work has made a positive difference in many people’s lives by giving hope and clarity to those who are looking for direction.

Social Media

LinkedinYolanda Sultana Tía Yoli


The story of Yolanda Sultana’s life and work shows how powerful spiritual advice can be for people looking for certainty and direction. She was born in Jerusalem and has strong ties to Bethlehem. Her rise from a culturally rich childhood to becoming a respected astrologer and tarot reader shows how much she wants to use her gifts to help others. People love to call her “Auntie Yoli,” and her spiritual insights and predictions have changed many people’s lives, especially during the hard times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even though she has lost loved ones, including her husband, her strength and dedication to her work have made her memory stronger. Yolanda Sultana is a great example of how to deal with life’s uncertainties because she has a strong link to her heritage and has been in the business for many years. Her large online presence makes her even more accessible and lets her share her knowledge with people all over the world. When we look at what Yolanda Sultana has done, it’s clear that her impact isn’t just the predictions she makes but also the hope and advice she gives to everyone who comes to her for help.

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